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Fox Powersports Riding Academy

Why Fox Riding Academy?
1. When you look into the details, Fox Riding Academy offers several reasons why we are the one to provide you with the quality training you desire. Our regular training program is only two days long. Using the model provided by the MSF, we can complete your training in one weekend. (Granted it is a long and difficult weekend, but you are not required to attend any week nights).

2. Our motorcycles are 2012 Yamaha cycles. We have dual sport bikes, cruisers and scooters available if you choose to not shift. They are maintained by our professional mechanics and in excellent condition.

3. We hae a small class - a MAXIMUM of 12 students. Our coaches are updated with the latest techniques to teach you the skills you need to be safe on the street. Our coaches have an average of 23 years of street riding experience and 11 years of being a RiderCoach.

Prerequisites: Ability to ride a bicycle. Full protective attire is required. Must be of legal age to operate a motorcycle on the street.

The Basic RiderCourse is a complete entry-level, learn-to-ride class that consists of 20 hours of formal classroom activities and on-cycle riding exercises conducted over two or three days. About seven hours are devoted to learning activities in the classroom, and around 13 hours of hands-on practice are included. Training motorcycles are provided. Successful completion will lead to a waiver of the motorcycle license skill test and could lead to an insurance discount.

How Do I Get Started?
The MSF Basic RiderCourse is designed for beginning riders of all ages. Seven hours of classroom instruction prepares you for thirteen hours of practical riding exercises in a controlled, off street environment. Motorcycles are provided for your use during the course. In the classroom, you'll learn about the different types of motorcycles, layout and operation of the basic controls, and how to become a safer, more responsible rider.

You'll review the different types of safety hear worn for protection and comfort. You'll find out how alcohol and other drugs impair your ability to ride safely.

Next, you'll move to the riding range and your RiderCoach (an experienced motorcyclist certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation) will start you off with straight-line riding, stopping, shifting, and turning. You'll gradually progress to swerving and emergency braking.

The course concludes with a knowledge test and a riding skill evaluation. Once your RiderCoach hands you the course-completion card, you'll be happy knowing that you've gone the extra mile to develop your own safe riding techniques. Your introduction to the wonderful world of motorcycling has just begun!

Required Gear for Riding Academy Classes:
Helmet - DOT or Snell Approved
Eye Protection - Sunglasses or face shield
Long Sleeves - Light colored on hot days
Long Sturdy Pants - Jeans or cargo pants
Gloves - Cover your entire hand
Boots - Must cover your entire ankle and be of sturdy construction. No athletic shoes are acceptable

Helpful Hints:
On both Saturday & Sunday, arrive at the classroom and be ready at 8:00am

Please bring your lunch; we will have a working lunch in the classroom before going to the range. Lunch/snacks are on your own - bring it with you. Healthy snacks (cut fresh fruit, nutrition bars, light snacks, peanut butter, veggies, Gatorade and sport drinks.

Ice Water is provided. We will have a large cooler with Ice. You will be able to snack between exercises. Bring your own water if you prefer- If you freeze a bottle or two and they stay cold on warm days. Drink 2 glasses of water Friday and Saturday evenings to help hydrate your body.

We start on time each morning. Occasionally the range class may run past scheduled time - try to be flexible.

If you arrive late on Saturday/Sunday mornings, you will be dropped from the class.

On the Range Lessons
Range Lessons Objectives
1 Familiarization Identify location and operation of important controls and major parts
Review mounting/dismounting procedures
Use engine start and shutdown procedures
2 Using the Friction Zone Become skilled in using the clutch friction zone for control
3 Starting & Stopping Drill Learn clutch/throttle coordination to start out and stop with precision and control
4 Shifting & Stopping Shift gears and stop smoothly
5 Adjusting Speed & Turning Develop the basic skills of adjusting speed and turning (counter-steering technique)
6 Controls-Skills Practice Combine throttle, clutch, and brake use with a variety of maneuvers
7 Cornering Develop the slow/look/press/roll technique for smooth, precise cornering
8 Matching Gears to Speed Practice matching gear shifting to road speed
9 Stopping Quickly Develop quick-stop capabilities


Limited-Space Maneuvers Refine maneuvering skills to allow turns in limited spaces
11 Pressing to Initiate Lean Develop deeper understanding of counter-steering for initiating turns
12 Cornering Judgment Develop cornering finesse through additional rider judgment of entry speed and degree of curve
13 Negotiating Curves Demonstrate smooth and precise cornering techniques through various paths of travel
14 Stopping Quickly in a Curve Learn techniques to maintain control while stopping in a curve
15 Obstacles & Lane Changes Develop proficiency in crossing over obstacles
Practice making safe lane changes
16 Avoiding Hazards Learn the collision-avoidance skills of swerving and quick braking
17 Skills Practice Capstone exercise that combines a variety of maneuvers
Test Skill Test To assess basic skills using a U-turn, swerve, quick stop and cornering maneuver
To demonstrate basic motorcycle control skills and ability to avoid and obstacle
To demonstrate ability to use the proper technique to negotiate a curve

Call Us For:
Custom Classes - Clubs, Groups of friends
Ladies Only Classes
Get Legal - We offer a one day class that will allow experiened riders to get you your motorcycle endorsement. No more T.I.P.'s and riding with buddies to be legal on the street. GET IT DONE IN ONE DAY! "RRBRC Class"

The Fox Riding Academy is VERY EASY to find! One block from Woodland Mall, behind Fox Ford and Fox Honda. We are on 29th Street right next to Fox Powersports of Kentwood.

3562 29th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Email for more info

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